At  Profit Signals we understand that every trader/investor’s goals and needs are different. Therefore, we provide an extensive set of research reports, so that you can make the right investment decisions regardless of your investing preferences. Our research reports help traders/investors better understand the issues and trends that affect companies, industries and markets.

We believe our services and our company. With a strong and dedicated research team, which is continually engaged in analyzing the domestic and global economy, its market structure and trends, it is our constant effort to bring you quality research that help you in your financial decisions every time. The combination of our specialist local knowledge and global expertise enables us to protect and increase the wealth of our clients and their families via a comprehensive range of investment services and solutions.

Our research includes 4 Major Aspects:

  • Based on Fundamental Analysis
  • Based on Technical Analysis
  • Based on Commodity Research
  • Based on Currency Research

1. Fundamental Analysis:- From major factors to sector exact moves, get an idea of all that’s happening in the share market in our fundamental analysis reports.

a. Profit Signals Top Picks: The approach here is essentially top-down with wide coverage encompassing all major sectors and over 100 companies that are regularly tracked and updated by our research team.

2. Technical Research:- Apply a different approach to market patterns use charts and other technical tools to identify market patterns that can suggest or indicate future activity and assist you trade better.

a. Day Calls: A daily view on how the market and the major indices are expected to trade for the day The closest support & resistance levels are provided to assist traders take decisions.

b. Call Created for Tomorrow: These calls are for a one-day period & are created today to buy in Stocks. For selling tomorrow at the target price. Buy with a proper stop loss.

c. Smart Charts: It presents the top positional trading calls in the market. Each call is introduced along with a Go Long or Go Short, a price target, a stop loss and a chart depicting the trend in the stock.

3. Commodity Research:- Prices of Commodities are governed by various factors such as supply, demand, weather, import /export scenario, government policies, production & demand in other countries, etc. Commodity research takes into consideration of all these factors and analyses past history,the trend in prices and predicts the probability of future prices. Find out where the commodity market is headed from our depth commodity research reports.

The performance of our services is unique and totally different from our competitors & some of our services are inventions in its own.

4. Currency Research:- The markets never stop moving to be a successful trader you need to move within currency trading you sell the current currency and buy another currency.

Currency constantly needs to be exchanged in order to conduct the business and trade between countries these makes the currency market most liquid financial market in the world. The daily volume of the forex market is 4 Trillion dollars, unlike the other market like stocks or commodity there is no central location in the currency market and as the market is so large is unlikely to be moved by an individual or company, currency is simultaneously buying of once currency and sell of another one currency, currency are traded in pairs for ex.:- GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP etc. The forex market run 24 hrs 5 days a week because a any given time day or night there is market open somewhere in the world more than 50% market transaction done in US and UK and EURUSD is most commonly traded currency pair in the world.


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